A sudden EVENT


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A bright day, a lifely one indeed,
Strong presence of vibrant color of life,
Till a down turn struck like a thunder from heaven,
Tumbling down pain to earthly people such as I.

Perseverance and endurance are put to test,
Where one have to go through to find capability of one,
Along side, love,courage,hope, and peace comes along,
With the one or all who brings salvation of the day.

Storm has pass and the sun returns,
The soil is wet, where pot holes are filled,
Time is required to recover,
To bring eveything back to it is.

FYP || wiimote


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On the way on finding my FYP, stumbled upon some real cool technology from YouTube

Think Out Of the Box it is :p would love to play the game developed like this~ so cool~

AnyWays current considering FYP topics:

1. Network Intrusion System

2. Malware Analysis
-Reverse Code Engineering
-MD5 Sum

3. Bagle Virus

More updates will be available soon~ hope to get more data soon

FYP memo : 1
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