Summary of January 2010


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31st Jan,

Time really passes fast, just in a blink, it already is the last day of the month. Many times, I asked when I was young, when only can I reach adulthood and transform into one of them? but now, time seems to pass way fast for me, and i sometimes wish that time could just freeze for a moment or day, so I could rest. 

As I grow, I realize that, many things in our lives, just comes and pass, once the opportunity has come, and it is not grasp, it would be gone forever. Everything has its perfect timing, be it good or bad, it all comes at the time where it is suppose to. Simple illustration can be that off a fruit, a mango fruit if picked to early, it would be sour, if too late, it would be over ripe and spoils. It has to be picked at the right time to enjoy the fruitiness and sweetness of it. So goes for the cooking, by applying the correct ingredients and timing, only then the outcome of it is a mouth watering dish. The same things goes for life, whether it is work, jobs, relationship, and many others, if the opportunity is there and not grasp, there it goes. How much opportunities have a forsaken? How much time have I wasted? I've missed many opportunities, especially in relations.

However in life, God has a plan for everyone, and the plan is always revealed at the right time, and for us to realize the purpose of the trials given to us. Many times did I missed God's plans for me. I'm always blinded by the world, and not seeing his purposes, too often easy swaying away. But as I go through more and more, I begin to realize and am able to pass the trials. I've also realized that possession or things created by man, are not really significant, as what can be built by man, can be tear down by man, and rebuilt again. The process of building and destroying is an on going cycle. However what is created by God, is everlasting, till the time comes, where he calls it back again.  


Investiture 2010 - Araunah


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 23 Jan 2010

It was the day, where all the commanders, deputies, committee, and members of Petra Youth, take their pledge towards God about what they will and promise to do for the year. The theme for this year is "NO QUARTERS!" Where we shall all go all out, without refraining ourselves. Each group, starting from group AIJALON, group JORDAN, group SHECHEM and group ARAUNAH, each give their pledge in front of everyone. Once, the pledge was over, we headed up to our own rooms to play some games and then we head for our dinner.

The picture above, you see is actually group ARAUNAH's commander, LEE WEN CHEONG, who's frantically pose for the picture before turning into his formal wear.

While waiting, shot some pictures of SOK MUN =p the "SUPER STAR". Due to some technical information and mis-communication.. there goes the wearing attire for the day ( p.s. black attire was actually for the guys)

Below are the two handsome young man in group ARAUNAH, zhe kit and wei quan, where they both "WON" in the game of the "death chair". They both look so CUTE in bow tie. xD.

The Brother and sister - EMILIA & DERICK  - They both looks so close to each other =) that is so sweet

Not long after that, while were waiting for the food to come, a little game of cards were played. starting with the normal "4 PLAYER GAME". Once the food arrived for most of our members, Jen Ryu and I continued with the game of 21, where the betting is on the number of glasses of water. Whoever loses, drinks the amount of cups bet.  Jen Ryu do not have the luck on that day, where he kept losing to me. After that the game slowly expand from 2 players to 4, where the new players are Wei Quen and Sok Mun. I went for my dinner after that, and the game slowly evolved and evolved till THE GAME OF DARE.

The game goes like this, the person with the highest value, is the loser, where he or she will have to do the "DARE".  The first dare victim goes to EMILIA, and below is the video of it:

Wondering who's evil laughter was that? xD EMILIA accompanied by ABIGAIL talked to someone they do not know at all~ great job EMILIA!

Soon after that, both Jen Ryu and Derrick become the victim of dare where they got to pose with the waiters with the ARAUNAH pose.

After that, was Abigails turn, where she was suppose to drink a glass of water bottoms-up. seems, she laughs too easily and it takes so long to finish just a cup of water -____-

Not too far behind, was then my turn to be the victim of dare where I was suppose to ask one of the waiter to write "LOVE to....VICTIM's NAME" and with the signature.... =.= o man~ its so gay~ the waiter is a guy~

The next victim, is our very own WEI QUEN!! Where he gave his first kiss to our LEE WEN CHEONG ^_^  LooK at the expressions!!

Not to miss out too~ our Sok Mun, gives her kiss to HOOI LING~ xP Look at how shocked HOOI LING was!!

Finally the greatest dare, received by again, LEE WEN CHEONG, SHOUTING..
"I LOVE MALAYSIA!!"  out loud facing towards the people in OLD TOWN xD
This act did certainly got their attention.

After Investure, when out with Jen Ryu, Wen Cheong, and Sok Mun to shoot some basketballs~ but ended up playing instead  -_____- i do not know to play~~  Anyways ^_^ the pledge to be kept by me are as follows:


The Members' Pledge

In the presence of God and these His people, in Petra Gospel Centre,
I, as a member of Group Araunah
Here solemnly acknowledge my role as a member,
To have a strong desire to become better,
Better as a person as I grow,
Better in mind and in thoughts,
Better in speech and in character,
Better in body and in spirit,
Better in fellowship with others and my leaders,
For the Glory of God,
For the good of others,
For the joy of my Christian walk with Christ, my Saviour.

Therefore, I will learn to respect those who work hard in my group,
To know them, love them, obey them, care for them,
And pray for them,
Then, everyone may be glad that I am a member of this group
And give glory to God, my Father in heaven.


UTAR Blood Donation - My First Time


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It was one of the events of the year which marks a stepping stone for me. Since young, I was afraid of needles, [needle phobia?] whatever the name is, it always makes my heart pumps as fast, my hands sweating or cold, every time when I need to take an injection, need more to say donate blood?  Had a bad experience in the past with needles where one which is engraved in my memory, being stabbed in the ass by a mad doctor..inject the medicine to my ass in like less then 3 seconds? My GOD!! I can't sit after that..

Anyways, today was the first time I went to donate blood at my campus, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR - PJ), where nurses from Universiti Malaya (UM) came I think? As the blood record book has UM's logo on it. Here its how the things happened, which I have no idea why in the world I would donate blood today. It started with CHEESE, he said "Wanna donate blood today?" Then after that, a few more of my friends talk bout it till STEVEN, "Today will also be my first time". At first I wasn't really sure whether I want to donate or not but then~ Something in me, just keep telling me~ GO AHEAD AND DO IT!!

I guess the event was organized by the LIONS CLUB PJ, as they were giving the gifts bags. Anyways, I was weighed, to my surprise I'M now just 65kg!!! I've LOST weight!!  Anyways, today was the first time, I donated blood, first time I let someone puncture a hole with a needle in my finger, and being drained 450cc of blood out of my BODY!!  YeaH it's no big deal for anyone but !! It is for mE!! AnD to my supprise~ most of the donors are female student ~ ~ GUYS we need your blood too!! xD

Why I Like It Longer


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In life, things happen like the an unending wave, sometimes high, sometimes low, often unpredictable. There are times, where sudden occasion which can make you so happy, that you can jump sky high, but yet again, some occasions make you sink deep. LIFE itself is a LONG journey, where one continually seeks for improvement and acceptance. Have you not think how much you can achieve within that LONG journey?

Friends also do come in many shapes and sizes, big, small, thin, chubby, tall, short and LONG? Some of them are more friendly, talkative, and jovial, while others might be quite, shy, unsociable? But in the end of the day, it's the friend which you can share your life with, your thoughts, your happiness, your joy which makes both of you have a LONG lasting relationship where both of you really are true OLD LONG FRIENDs.

The same goes for love, LOVE itself is so LONG that it's so complex to describe, where it is patient, it is kind, it is forgiving, it does not envy nor hate. When you love someone, and truly love someone, the love goes a LONG way, deep into the heart where it is engraved in, no matter what you'll want that person to be beside you. You will LONG for the person or things you love for LOVE is long lasting.

Back to our world, in our modern life, where we live our lives, days are always short, and workloads, to do list, wish list, prayer list, shopping list, and all others are often too long for us to handle. But HOLD ON, there is hope to it, where we can manage it all with the "LG Chocolate phone (BL40)". No matter our life, how complicated it is, no matter we're in the ups or in the downs, no matter how hard to maintain true friendship, no matter how much it takes to live our love to another, it call comes to this statement:

Why I Like It Longer

Jan 16, 2010 - Sat


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Jan 16, 2010,

Today I when to Petra, for the badge making session, left house from 2 till about 9 or 10? Been playing with all the papers n stuff? @_@ tried sewing? Anyways, 2 more days till school reopens and my final year project  (FYP), really has become (Forget Your Project). STress!! how to finish 3 months work in 2 days? Anyways, God again has been very kind to me, He opened my eyes this few days, to help me to able to see that, all the coding and the examples that I needed, I already got them, right from the start, and he enables me to see whats going on in the JUNGLE OF C PROGRAMMING - aka. NETWORK PROGRAMMING. 

Jan 15,  2010,

When to CYC CG. Its been a long time since I've been there. There are now again so many new faces, =) which is a good things, means more have been saved. However there is this one verse which emily shared, 

13Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. 

Philippians 3:13-14

which makes me ponder on, forgetting what is behind? How can we do that? Means we will repeat the same mistakes again, if we forget.. then again, why is it the word FORGET, instead of leave behind, let go, or maybe don't think about the past? But then, straining towards what is ahead, by only forgetting your past, and behind, its the only way you can strive forward, with the renewed heart to win the greatest prize of all =)

Really Looking Forward after ONE MONTH!!



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 Jan 09, 10

Time is limited for me, 9 days left.. Has been some times since i last updated my blog. Lots of event happened, interesting, sad, joyful, confusing and yet, all these are just part of life. Might be what Solomon has been talking about the chase after the wind, but yet again, life is full of new adventures. Walk to narrow road, and the path of truth..
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