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D.O.B : 6 June 2000
Departure Date : 14 Mac 2010

It has almost been 10 years, since he was with me. I remembered when i first brought him home, he was so small and rebellious. He has those type of characteristics which like to fight and win. Thats one of the reason, he was named LEO~ As Strong as the Lion.

Many times we had been playing with each other, thought he seems big and scary, at times, He's very playful, and he always likes companionship. Where he just loves it just too sleep beside you and do nothing. He eat loads of loads of food~ and he knows too call for you, just like a how man would behave. Every time when the old newspaper person comes and pass by, he surely howls for some reason, never did failed even once.

Leo, is actually a lazy dog, which knows no more then eat, wake, sleep, play. At the most exciting part bout him is that, he actually knows the right time to bark, where when there is no one in the house, he would just lazy-ly sleeps on the floor, and not barks at anyone, but when, we're at the gate or at home, he'll bark like mad. But, all these things~ is what makes Leo, Leo.

The day before he left, i kinda have that feeling that, something is unusual, that the way he responded was kinda of slow, reluctantly standing up as i called him, but however finally he did, and he stared at me for a long time. I didn't thought that was the last time i could see him in the eyes.. I wish I had gave him the last hug before he goes~ but then~ the time has passed. I could still remember that very look in my mind. The last gaze as he's about to left. Then in the morning~ when i was in the car, only did I knew that he's gone, when my dad told me...

-Tribute to my beloved DoG LEO who has been a part of my life from form 1 till University-
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