Of MtVS and beAn BAgs~


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Its been sooooooooooo long, since i last updated. Due to final exams and final year project, however, FINALLY!! finally!! all exams are gone~~ no more exam to take at school, no more lectures to attend but... =( no more school life~ didn't wanted it to end so soon. Anyways, there was an interesting event with the youth at PYP two weeks ago, which was on the

8th, May

There was an event with the name of MTV. Each group was suppose to produce an MTV within the 2 hour frame.This includes, an hour of shooting, and another hour for video editing. Personally, I feel this task is crazy, which requires loads of teamwork, coordination, interpersonal skills, presentation skills, acting skills, editing skills, and many many many more, which seems so crazy, if something GOOD can be produced in such a short time. Anyways, I'm quite proud with the end results of the video, which goes as below.

The theme for my group was FOREIGN. The story above actually shows that there was this boy, which in the beginning of the story, had a sad life; his girl friend leaves him, his dad chases him out of his house, his boss fired, but however in the end he found hope in Christ.

I felt it was a nice video produced by camera person and editor, Carmen, and the Director Davina. Though, there was a lack of involvement of the group, it was the best Video for me. After that, there was another video which was produced by PYP, where it was an advertisement for the Transformation Camp 2010, June 11-15, which i felt it was superb. Below is the MTV produced by PYP:

The camp information is as below


May 20

FINALLY!!! my BEAN bag has arrived xDDDD

After a long wait, the the bean bag have finally arrived. It goes like this, the best team for the GOOGLE SME STIMULUS PROJECT will be entitled to receive a grand prize, which we did not know what it was, until Mr.Hanson told us that we would receive a bean bag!! =p I think the cost of 3 bean bag would almost be RM1000 ? Its so huge~ ~ xD 1st time having something like tat as a prize!!! so excited

Below is the bean bag

My Team Mates Bean BAG =p so sweet of him

My Other Team Mate Bean Bag (KONG)

The SIZE of the BEAN BAG!! HUGE!!! Adjustable!! LOL

Signature =p From GOOGLE


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