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30 Mac 2009

Easter at UTAR Sg. Long rocks~~ Why isn't there an event like this in UTAR PJ~~ aikz >.< anyways~

What i feel about the event?
ROCKs, the presentation that nite was really great, the drama the skit, the praise and worship songs~ WOW~ I really loved the songs that the sing, my FAVs in factx~ same taste =p youth song. Not to miss, at the beginning of the event, was this game, where the MC poses a pose, and then three audience was asked to go up on stage~ then, It's like playing the chinese whisper, just that this time, the whisper is turned into action. One of the action was actually this "SPIDERMAN riding on a motorcycle eating HAMBURGER" @__@ woot~~

How about the praise and worship??
Like I said in the beginning, the songs really was my favourites, Still, Mighty to Save, One Way, hehe and many more~ cool youth songs~ xD similar to the ones in the PASSION CONFRENCE. However, the chinese parts was~~ i don understand it >< aikZ
Shereen was on stage as well as the back up singer =p can see her spirit was there ~ though she keep claiming she wasn't really expressing there~ hehe SHEREEN, u did a really great job you know.

Then what about the sermon??
The sermon was a funny yet meaningful one~ The young pastor was actually sharing his testimony on who he was before he became a christian, his "naughtiness" how he used to "lan zai"(being a naugty) drugs and stuff. Along the way he manage to pull the stunt, with making fun of the words cantonese that is =p

I remembered the part he gave the universal unanswerable question :

As most of us say, If the chicken comes first, where does it comes from? If the egg comes first, who laid the egg? After talking many points of to prove his statement, I remember he say that, the reason we cannot get the answer is because we limit our thought just focusing on the two characters. Have you ever thought, If only the hen exist, will the egg actually hatch? well, definately not. The egg requires the Cock to fertilze the egg, only then can it hatch to be a chick. Like said in the bible :

24 And God said, "Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: livestock, creatures that move along the ground, and wild animals, each according to its kind." And it was so. 25 God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.

Genesis 1:24-25

Therefore, God first created the hen and the cock, else the KFC, KennyRoggers, Ramli Chicken burger that we were eating now won't exist xD in other words CHICKEN COMES FIRST. Hope the meaning here is known.

After that, he tells the 3 miracles of the chicken egg :

1) Why is the egg oval but not round?
Turtle eggs are round, Fish eggs are round, but why chicken egg is oval? The hen often lays on its eggs to hetch them. If the egg is round, once the hen stands up the egg would surely row far far away from the nest, and no way can the hen stop all the eggs from rolling out and stop them all. But however the eggs are oval, which makes them rolling in circles allowing the egg only moving in the radius of the nest.

2) The shell of the egg is not too hard nor soft
If the egg shell is too hard, the chick wouldn't hatch and it would cause the chick to sufficate and die. On the other hand, if the shell was too soft, the hen that lay on it will definately crack the shell.

3) Air can go in the egg however water can't
If the water can go into the egg, the unborn chick would definately be drowned inside the egg, however, without air, the unborn chick would sufficate ass well.

What he was trying to imply here was that, it was all created by an intelligent creator, who create things exactly as they are and for its purpose.

This was a question asked by the pastor to the college student while they are at the train debating :

Student : It's impossible that Jesus Christ died and rose again. It's impossible logically

Pastor : Yeah it's impossible, but not exactly impossible.

(Then the pastor asked...)

Pastor : Can you make a pen stand still on this table?

Student : Of cause not, the train is moving sure it's impossible

Pastor : Come, give me the pen, i'll show you that it's possible

The student then pass the pen to the pastor. The pastor then takes the pen and grab it with his fist, putting it vertically on the table.

Pastor : There, saw that? it's possible.

Student : Hey,no fair, your're holding it with your hands

Pastor : Doesn't the impossible seems possible now? The same goes for the reseruction of Jesus Christ. Yeah, it's impossible that he died and manage to rose again, However with GOD's hand~ It'S possible ^^

What moments were enjoyed??
Well, the whole thing, especially meeting up with my old frens SHEREEN^^ she's a great girl, then meet back with my long lost "sis", didnt meet her for almost 2 years wow and guess what, JEN~~ i actually met here there~ how cool this is~

28 MAC 2009


Bless all those who are able to participate in this event.
Enthusiasm to save EARTH will be planted is us all, at least it's already in me
AWARENESS of mother nature is our responsibility



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28 Mac 2009

What a day it was, a day filled with intense emotions of excitement, nervousness, anxiety, tired, stressed out, annoyed, happy, shocked, alert and I think there should be more, cant remember them all. Team UTAR left the campus at 7.45 towards UniKL for the Netriders cisco competition. 5 teams when in, with 2 groups senior and the rest of us, the newbies. We got started with breakfast which was a really "no choice" only taken food, and got the started packet with CISCO shirts and tags inside. Worst thing is my name was SPELT WRONG.

The road to seek improvement

3 MenInBlack(MIB) in my team

The day started with breifing, where all the teams gathered at the conference hall, and a briefing session was given about the CISCO netriders competition as well as the opening ceremony. There was about 40 teams there if i'm not mistaken, couldn't really remember as well. So I was assigned with a orange label and head on to the theory exam where the CISCO competition begin. I started the system, and everything when well until suddenly an technical error, the image was missing from the question. I was then told by the invigilator to refresh, but, after i press refreshing =.= the whole page shows : PAGE CANNOT BE FOUND and i was like @.@ woot~~ then i ask the invigilator, then he say~ hold on patients, i'm asking some one for technical support. GOodness, time play an important role here you know ~~ aikZ

FInally FiniSh the theory exam T.T did'nt manage to get what i wished for, but at least, thats the points i think we deserve as we only completed 2 modules of the CCNA instead of 4 which was part of the competition requirement. i got

Grade : 77.5 /114

Wasn't really happy about it, gaven got a mark higher then i am, which was the highest for out UTAR newbie team. Soon later after having lunch, we continued to the packet tracer competition as the newbies weren't able to be shortlisted in the finals, however by grace, our seniors, both team manage to get into the finals. Started the network simulator through packet tracer, and later did i know, i started the question wrongly =. - once again techniqal error~ what a day~ Couldn't complete the test, only manage to reach 88% bad bad bad~

Cam whoring during the lunch and break time in between sessions

After that, we had a speech presentation while waiting for the finalist to complete their competition. Speeches after speeches were given, however they were all constructives ones. In between the speeches which was the given by HP, there was a gift giving session with 3 bags out as free gifts. One question asked, one question answered correctly, 1 bag given.
I was indeed stunned and not sure of the few questions until finally i got my vry own lucky question coming with answers chance xD BLESSED by GOD with a BAG. Soon not long after that, was another lucky draw session. I was actually kidding with Gaven that i want to win that as well , and to my luck another blessing =p got it...

Soon after all the speeches are given, prizes are then announced, and once again MMU won the title. All in all as for the experience that i gained from this competition, it gives me the inpiration and push that i really have to improve many much more, really left behind when compared to the best just in Malaysia, what about the pacific region? How far am I behind?

As said just now~! even CISCO organanized events has error

Got the CISCO water container with the HP photoframe(from interview)

My Lucky Gifts'

HOPE to be the winning team next year and hope next year the title of this topic would be winning the netrider cisco competition ^^


2 Days of Unusuality


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24rd Mac 2009

Early in the morning:
Sky Condition : Clear
Time : 7.00
Possibility of rain : NULL

As I was approaching to school, it's just like any normal day, crowded people, noise pollution, dirty streets, uncivilized people everywhere pushing around, well, those are the normal events. The turn of event starts here, when the sky, seems awfully grey, when i reach UNIVERSITI station, with the sign of thunderstorm. I was thinking in my mind, crap~ it's going to rain soon~ As the train approaches closer and closer to Asia Jaya station, it's already raining cats and dogs~ =.= my GooDness, what a good start of a day~ aikZ

As i got down from the train was planning to use the newspaper to shed myself, once i get off the bus station and run quickly towards school. But, before that, have to wait in a long queue for the bus to come, and the wind was so strong, i was actually being drizzled little by little, under the shade . NOT GOOD~~ soon later, got in the bus, rain was falling down like mad, reach the station, then~ "IVAN~~!!!!!!!" was what i heard, then i saw my fren, WEN CHEONG, who was in the same bus with me, but i didnt realise he was in == aikz
My LUCKY day, thought GOD bless me with an unbrella, since Wen Cheong was there, but =.= in the end, when i reach the class,


My SOCKs and SHOEs ~ really can't wear d lor~ squeeze also got water out

Can't Concentrate alread lo~ need to try pants =.=

Couldn't pay attenttion in class at all~ was busy drying my shoes and socks xD

25Mac 2009



It was killing spree for our lecturer, the test was so difficult for me as i cant memorise pure facts just like that, without logic or sequence. RED day it is, not of the red of blood from the killing spree but of red of unity~ Soon after the exam, CLASS PHOTO was taken :

Can see where i am?

Soon after that, was playing pushing with one of our biggest size MAN in our class, and Khang as well. The momentom game started when Khang pushed me then i bounce towards Man Boon and bang , the impact transfered to the wall~ and HUALA~ the AIRCON fell off the feeling @-@ and I was wow~ who did that?

Didnt know the infrastructor was this soft xD


KFC Chocolate Cake


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17th Mac

Wen Cheong, Man Boon, Pan Fong and I went to KFC PJ ss14 on the 17th of MAC in search for out favourite cheese wedges~ Below is the story of the day:

As we entered to the order out food, we were discussing on what to get, whether to get the jom jimat thingy or the special cheese wedges forgotten what it name was. Wen Cheong then ordered the special cheese wedges and =.= to vain~ not selling there, IF IN THE FIRST PLACE NOT SELLING, DONT DISPLAY LA~ AIYO~

Then later after that, we all finally decided to try the JOM JIMIT thingy~ since it's suppose to be the best catch right?

The chocolate cake caught my eyes as i love to eat the Chocolate Brownie of Secret Recipe's , and it turn out as below :

From the display at the counter, the CHOCOLATE CAKE looks quite TEMPTING . .
and staright after i got the real thing ~ then only i remember this phrase


The actual look of the CHOCOLATE CAKE is actually this :

Looks Quite Big right?

Comparing the chocolate cake and the plate

HUA~ SO SO SMALL LEH~ if i didnt ask for extra chocolate topping~ sure not nice jor lo that cake, although the cake taste a bit better the normal sponge chocolate cake, i was expecting something better~ and the vanila ice cream~ ern~ wasn't up to my standard.

I would rather have this

Chocolate brownie from secret receipe

You might be saying, sure la the price also nicer~ but, hey, the quality and the price makes it worth, the satisfaction is there, but for KFC, plus tax and stuff~ its just a bit more expensive if compared to KFC chocolate ice cream~ and, i saw the cake was actually taken out from a plastic wrapper =.= APOLLO layer cake meh? so cheap~

ALL in all, i give a 5/10 for the chocolate cake there~ aint good~

However, this remains great at KFC =p
love the cheese plus wedges, cheesy wedges yummy


After wireless midterm


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Just finish the wireless midterm at 12.45 p.m.

Sad expression of face~~ forgotten how to do the last 2 questions~ crap~ thought i could do it all finally~ oh well~ things don't usually go as we wish for~

wireless exam down~

1 more test to go~
n number of labs report more to go~
n number of assignments more to go~

@-@ ain't good~


Cold Storage bad experience


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7 Mac 2009

A new month for the gelatomio job; first time working at the Great Eastern mall for the gelatomio ice cream. I work at this place before, 2 years ago, with good memories where i knew my "cousin" and "sister" from that place, while promoting wine. 7 mac, once again i stepped into this place, with a hope of meeting the familiar faces, but, wasn't exactly like what i expected. Many of the guards were changed, the promoters weren't the usual, however some upper management poeple still remain though.

Arrived at 11.30 that day, and the day started with a slow business~ slow indeed, was actually having time talking with the other promoter beside me. The day soon passed fast, i skipped my break time just to push the sales to a higher level, and walah~ at the end of the day, sales turn out more then i would expect. Was kind of happy for it ^^

8 Mac

The day where i had a BAD EXPERIENCE like never before in this place. The day started, with the cold room, where I found out the temperature was actually excedingly high, where the temperature was actually -6 degress where the usual was -17 degrees at least. My samples which i kept inside the cold room was~ OMG, soft like milk shake~ HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO PROMOTE?~ and where's the person in charge?

Informed the people there about the cold room problem, one after another, but they all had to wait till the PERSON incharge to arrive, to take action, such ineffeciency even in giant supermarkets such as COLD STORAGE... brought my samples out~ and let them b frozen outside the cold room instead in the place where the ice creams were displayed~ wasted almost an hour standing there not doing anything, because of the fridge fault.. what a bad start of the day.

Everything after that proceed well~ until a customer with coupon came and asked me~ can this coupons be used to buy the ice cream here? Without any knowledge of the coupon, i first read the coupon and it is stated clearly there VALID IN COLD STORAGE NATIONWIDE. Then i contacted my supervisor to ask about it, and she say its valid. Oh well, everything was fine, the customer was happy, i was happy..that the customer bought a number of ice creams, then later, after when my work ends~~ the imcompetitant FROZEN DEPARTMENT HEAD (MR. ZAMRI) came rushing to me and asked:


Me : I've already contacted my supervisor, and she says its valid, and i have also bring this matter to manager, Mr. Lee, and he also did ask the cashier to find you to ask about it, but you weren't there.


( For God sake, if you were here, how can the cashier not find u, and i wouldnt have to find your manager to talk about such small matter)

Me : I couldnt find you, so as the cashier, but i've asked MR. LEE about it, and he says he has some impression about receiving a mail about the coupon. He say to let the customer pass through first and ask you about it later.


(once again, if you were here, things wont be like this right? i already ask your manager, are you saying your authority is above your manager?)

Me: I didnt just say okay, i've contacted my supervisor and she say it's okay, mr.lee said its okay too, My supervisor say, Mr. Henry from the headquater also know about this.

Zamri: Mr. Henry is Mr, Henry, that the headquaters, this is here, they are not the same.

(Does it mean, you can do things your way here? who you think you are? just a department head and making so much noise, do you have more authority then the headquaters? )

Me : I already told them, all, already contacted all of them, you should call my supervisor and ask her about it, and not making a fuss to me, i work under my company, and have already ask the authority here

Zamri : Today will be your last day working here. You wont have to come here again

( So what? you think thats the only place i can work? i've been working here last time for months and no signs of disagreement, when i was at the wine department, just the 2nd day here and your making so much fuss)

Me : Okay, as you wish.. you should contact the person in charge and not put the blame on me

Soon after that, he left mumbling some foul language~ I was angry at the same time, but controlling my temper. How can he out of nothing raise his voice at me? he is not even my boss. Soon after i told my supervisor what happen and the story goes on.

Dear, readers, pls do write some comment what u think about it... thx..

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