Chinese New Year - Year of Ox

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26th Jan 2009

The year of the Ox, a new lunar year takes place with all the Chinese excited about the new year festival. New year clothes have i bought, new year pants have i found, new shoes i had. All ready. The night before the new year, my family had the reunion dinner as one of the Chinese traditions practiced by the Chinese community. We had the big prawns, pork fish vegetable dish, roast duck and Logan dessert and woo~ as usual, bloats up my tummy.. think might gain some weight.

Anyway, something special occurred though today in this special occasion, the Solar Eclipse. I was like finally^^ my chance of a life time to view it. I did view the Venus Eclipse which like happens few 100 years? or maybe 1000 years once? how lucky i felt, to be born in this generation, and today, huala, again im able to watch the solar eclipse. The first time i observed the Eclipse is when i was 8, stupid enough to use my eyes directly looking at the bright sun. I remember vividly the image in my mind then, it was spectacular, i manage to view the solar eclipse with my eyes about a second then, as it hurts so much to gaze upon the burning sun. Then today, came the second time, after 12 years, a cycle, i manage to watch it the second time, with films and sun glasses, the moon was some how bigger.

The solar eclipse started at 4.50, when i was grumbling about the clouds as the covered the sun from my view. Time how passed by quickly, and GOD was gracious as he moved the cloud away, for me to view the SOLAR EVENT. Once again, awe was in my heart, the moon and the sun, together in the line of sight.. it's just spectacular.. Althought i didnt manage to experience the whole thing, i was actually glad tat i manage to see the sun in cresent shape as the moon pass by it.

Got this of the net, didnt really look like tat from my house though, but similar ^^ i didnt have the solar filter on my telescope.. oh well

The first day of new year, and thats the most interesting part of it, and thats all to it, Guess it's also a blessing to be able to view natural phenomenons. Had steamboat at nite with Tim. at house, which was suppose to be with my mum's fren, hehe, thoguht i would have angpaos.. oh welll hope for a better day tmr^^


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