Insights of Life

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It's been sometime since this blog has been updated. Life goes on whether we're happy or sad, up or down, dreaming or aware and the list goes on. But is life just divide to white and black? Well, it's a concept of dualism, where when there's light there's darkness, when there's good, there's evil.
Life would be boring and bias if the world just consist with dualism. The good news, LIFE is colorful.

Another concept exist which is the concept of choice. The answer is either a yes or a no. Anything besides yes and no are not from the lord but from the evil one. In life choices have to be made, whether tough, simple, complicated, mind breaking, happy,heart breaking, forgiving, remembering, thinking and many other thoughts of the mind. We can choose to remember a happy thought or not to, the same goes for remembering a sad thought or no. The choice is ours to make and the result are ours to decide.


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