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WoRdS how powerful they arE?

Reckless words pierce like a sword,
but the tongue of the wise brings healing.
Proverbs 12:18

How true is this statement from the scripture? Very often words come out from our mouth or from the words we've written to others. At times, these words bring laughter and happiness but at other times, sadness and pain. Just as it is said reckless and wise. How then can we be either one of them? It all depends on the one who is who is to be.

A picture speak a thousand words

From this statement above, very often words alone aren't enough to express one's feeling, especially to those who have less expressive nature. Besides that, there would be a need for painting to exist or photographs to retain our memories if words alone can cover it all

Action speaks louder then words

Do you walk what you preach? Very often words are just used to please some one else for a particular time and its just words. Words without action are not strong, the tumble the moment the words spoken are not fulfill. How much of the words you've spoken, you've actually fulfilled?

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Good Post!
Love it~

but, how about you recently?
sound like you face some problem.
anyway, good luck to you~

dunno when i only can write the post like urs.. ^^

sigh .. finally , sora became big boy jor XD

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