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Memories of mine with JR.

The day I knew JR was when I first joined Eleazar, around Oct i guess. The first time I meet him, he's just like any other guy usual guy, which I find, he's like quite enjoyed by others when his presence is around. Couldn't really mix with him, felt like he's anti-social at first. Feels like he only mix with old members of church or only with non-chrisitans, to bring them to christ. Maybe fetch me once or twice? So didn't really bother about him then...until came group Araunah.

I only really started to speak to J.R. when I brought Sok Mun, maybe thats cause we had nothing to talk bout last time. Even then I still have the same thoughts about him, a guy who just likes to play n mingle around at church, and thats all. As mentor meets keeps on going, what I know is that he keeps trying his best to tell us what has happen, and each time he tells, I will keep asking him stupid question and challenge him with question which I  know the answer, but I wanted to test him, and see how he answers it. Many times the things he thought, I already know them all, so its just like in and out. But at times, he's words aspire me~ that it keeps in my mind... but now... I remember the last mentor meet we have.. he talks about the riches of the world, how is it different from the treasures of the earth. . this is something I will remember, Out of the earth I came, Back to the earth I will go, the riches of this world are of no concern to me. And also bout the cup story, He told us, that there should be other cups below us, as Christ so loved us, the cup over filled with love, pours out to the cups below. Our love for one another should be like that. Overflowing to another. Then I told him something stupid, and say my cup is only half full~ he was like "Ivan~! sei la u~ don so zai~
" Every time i say something stupid, he will say that, but thats cause I wanted him to explain so I know what he thinks..

Another memory, During camp transformation 2010, After the message, the mentor meet I have was kind of special, where I only spent with J.R. where he mentors me. He chose the spot~ where its closes to nature, the waterfall. He always tries to relate it to me, the message, like what I could do, or I could learn.. yea~ he also shares his problems and feelings with me~ his thoughts~ And He asked me, "Ivan what are your strength, how do you serve Christ?" I was like unable to answer him. He was so humble saying that, he's not good at mixing with new friends, just follow up~ He told me that my social network is huge, and I should bring more friends~ and easy to mix~ but I don think so at all~ I think he's much better in all those~ He's really so humble. He did always say, "Ivan, yon know, serving in the LorD for small matters like arranging the chairs or doing the dishes, might not seem big to our world views, but it means a lot to the LorD. People singing on the stage, or giving sermons might seem great, but to the LorD its all the same..". He shared many things~ and he's expresses his feelings too~ He could go on talking~ over time till the sermon time is over..

**Famous taglines during mentor meet
> "Lei Kam Yat Hok Dou Meh..."
> "Tau Sin Gor Gong MEh..."

=) JR don't u know so many people misses u? yea I do ~

Am glad that He accepted the song, Come To Jesus, and I asked him~ is this song usable for song fest? Then he says, yea~ I was looking for a closing song~ and he will think of how to play parts on it~ but now~ ~

Cant write~ any more~ ~ JR~ Zai la~ sure at heaven enjoying so much le~

=)  am.. ern.. cant write more..

J.R. will meet you soon~ In a blink of an eye~ we'll all be meeting you soon too


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Don't worry.
I know Jesus will take care your friend.

take care ya :)

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