Putrajaya Challenge Park

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It was a long journey with GPS and GoogleMaps, on our way to Putrajaya Challenge Park, for the rock climbing, where when we reach~!!! CLOSED!!! >< kind of having confidence that it will open on public holiday which is MALAYSIA day since many other locations of PutraJaya are open during holidays according to their website, http://skali.ppj.gov.my/web/guest/126 . But, when we've arrived there, oh man~ ITS CLOSED~ DUE TO RAYA HOLIDAY !!! @_@ so many days RAYA!!

It's like closed for 10 days~ oh Man~ anyways~ we took some shots over here since we've came all the way~ took more than an hour >< really feel sorry to both sok mun n yee ling for having them turning around and around the Putrajaya Convention Center when the Challengers Park is so close.

The pricing for the wall climbing

Seems like pretty fun to climb in there ><'' wondering when I can go in

Me, Ka Fai, Snoopy and Darren 

Richard, Ivan, Ka Fai, Sok Mun, Darren, Kian Pooi

HeHe!!! >< i wanna climb it so much!

Did you notice? Its for kids~ lol! similar with mad monkeyZ

Posing outside of the place

Proof that we were there~

So long for now~
UPDATE again once I've climbed the place =)

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