3 Idiots at pavilion xD

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23 Oct 2008

The day where 3 idiots went to pavilion. Today was suppose to be the last day to complete a BIG ASSIGNMENT but it ended by us spending the entire afternoon in Pavilion...and BELIEVE IT OR NOT it was all to find a bread named MAHATHIR BREAD @.@ ~ what a feat~

Okay~ the journey began with fetching Jackie's COUSIN aka Karen.. She was one of a kind, happy go lucky, "xiao zha po", damn funny playful girl.. xD crap loads and it was quite fun with her though, another cam whore =P

As you can see the images we took, when we're just at the car. . can you feel the cam whores ?haha Anyways, after reaching PAVILION, we started searching floor by floor, till we got worn out but the search was still in vain as the endess effort to find the MAHATHIR BREAD seems impossible @.@ P.S. The bread we're looking for was told to look like MAHATHIR's face LOL


Cam whoring while we're asking for direction at the concierge. HAHAHA

Later, we actually arrived at the bakery where the LEGENDARY bread that we were suppose to find was suppose to be there, Loaf, the name of the bakery. However, the bread that shapes like MAHATHIR don't seem to exist. AIkZ. We then continue searching up and down up and down, floors to floors, bakery till bakery..till finally, Jackie's mum gave the final clue~ LOLx AMAZING RACE . . and we finally found out, that it was actually the very bakery we steped in before == woot~~

The Bakery Front

MAHATHIR BREAD? one for each of us? xD

The bread we're seeking for. . =P SENSORED

Finally after we're done, we head the the Star hill xP highclass place.. and oh yeah, the dress code we're on : HypEr Casual LOL.

Bye Bye Pavilion

Halo StarHill

We then headed to the lower floor, the dining floor, and being the first time for Jackie and Karen, the response was "wow" kind of response. . hehe like when i first was. . Wanted to show them the entrance to J.W. Marriot with the lightings which once brought me to awe when I was form 5 or 4? study-ing physics in the light chapter, where i came up a theory on how to make things invisible ^^ experimented it. . works though. . although it wasn't very successful. .. AnyWays and again . . time for PHOTOGRAPY xD

Path to J.W.Marriot

Caught ReD handed cam whore xP



Comments (10)

Karen nt "xiao zha po" ler..
im normal 1 lo..
juz love take photo oni mah...
nt big deal wat...haha
as a memory mah...^^

sora san~ u all looks so fun and enjoy^^
can u fetch me there someday?hehe

So fun oso din bring us together, u all are lousy la, haha...

My brother (Jackie) not good one, din drive me be4, i am so kesian...

lolx.. the mahathir bread doesn't look like mahathir at all lo seriously..
it looks more like a sakai 2 me..
exactly like those black orang asli that we watched in da cartoon XD

Karen : haha xP as long you happy

sakura: Hehe, when u come MalaySIa, that the time.

KC : Haha, what lousy =p if u also u sure don knw la.. keke.. ask ur brother lo

Cynthia : haha xD shhhh~ after let the loaf here not good la wakaak

haha jk la..
btw the loaf is owned by Mahathir..
it's his shop..
not the bread looks like him la..

cynthia : LoLz really? xD i thought that was a rumour. . hehe. . it's true then. . well i heard about the bread which looks like him hahahaha

yeap it's true ^^
i nvr heard of it b4 wor...
so did u guys found it??

or u juz found the "sakai" bread only??

Thia, U wan make the sakai bread is it? =p i would buy without obligation

haha.. i think it'll turn out to be BLACK BURNT sakai bread lorhhh

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