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11 Oct 2008
It was my 1st time working at "Hock Chun(Don't know how to spell)" at Jln. Ampang, to be more precise promoting the Gelatomio ice cream. When i first arrive it was like 0.0 wow~ such a small place, looked like a conviniece store more then a supermarket, though it's twice bigger than an ordinary convinience store. After heading in, the place was like 0.0 . . . so old fashion. . classic supermarket. . there isn't even a need to go through the procedures for getting a promoter tag. I could just go and start job without informing anyone, and there are no staff uniform, which makes it kind of hard to recognise the staff there.

Heck, was thinking, business sure is going good at such a small place, and the ice cream slot available for me was like, just 2 rows?hmm . . small small

There are however, 6 flavors available for testing, chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, hazelnut, mint with chocolate chips, strawberry yogurt, and black sesame. (Heck, i've remember them all in my mind LOL). As we can see, the price is 21.60 @.@ quite an pricy ice cream though for such an amount 500ml but =P hey there YUMMY!!!! Same price as Baskin Robin, and the boss of all ice cream hagen daz~ 30.90 lol.. so exp.. but yet the people in those place == bought them like nobody's business.. rich people huh?

Anyways, sales was okay tat day xD didnt expect that thought, the rate of success in selling were definately higher here then in Bangsar Shopping Center, however . . . the number of customers >><<><><>

While, sales are bad that day, my old memories keep coming back to me when observing the children in the supermarket. There was this elder sister who was trying to be mischievous, and she put ice on her brother's back. Then after that, the brother did the same thing, to his little sis, and then, the little sis told her father,"Daddy daddy, kor kor put ice on my back". The elder brother then say the samething, "Daddy daddy, just now jie jie also put ice on my back". I kind of bring some nostalgic feeling, that i think i did those when i was a kid. ^^ Meeting many people that day kind of help me remember some old friends or people i've meet before, but they aren't them.. kind of makes me wonder, why do some people really look a like @.@ hmmm....


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i want to eat...
can deliver to my house not?

HehE =P i personal deliver to you la, if u come with me to TimEs

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