CoMpletion of CCNA module 1

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21 Oct 2008

Was kind of confident for the test today, as i had the so call "answer" for the CCNA module 1 examination from some blog, and even though playing XDO for the whole day yesterday. . aikz. . overconfident? or the appropriate action to relax? hehe. . anyways, before the exam started i was like playing XDO? xD hahaha too free. . . and not long after that, Melvin and ern . . Steven start saying there was a few versions of FINAL EXAM CCNA MODULE 1 . . and i was like @.@ woot.. *p.s. in my heart xD didn't say it out* anyways, since it was a close book test.. which is "suppose" to be.. i didnt bring my text book along.. oh well...

The exam started, to be frank, it's the only exam i did without any "help" like the previous chapter test. . xD everything went smoothly though. . and i got woo hoo 90 someting xD don remember how much is it.. hee~ my standard ain't that bad you know. There was however this guy name BK == woo his marks was like almost perfect greater then mine. . what a blow off.. aikzz

Anyways, after exam, where i'm suppose to do a java program, we(the session 1 class) headed of to the RESTAURANT SUN WONG == *yet another high class restaurant.. to celebrate the reunion of our STATISTIC teacher mr chua xP his in casual clothings today and to celebrate Steven's BirthDAy . . hitting 2 sparrows with one stone ^^ cool heY? Ate the

[Do not judge a cheese baked rice by it's look =p]

Baked CheeSe RicE + Honey Milk

DELICIOUS.. keke price : 20$ =.=

AnyWays, mr. Chua bought the CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE CAKE from secret receipy. . yummy . . delicious. .

OMG mr STEven and Mr ChuA. . so GAY xD

The DeliciouS ChoColAte indulgence

The trip for the day ended with "A VISIT TO UM" .

Mr.Chua, brought me, jackie, steven for a campus tour..introducint the colleges and the facaulties of the campus. It's woo.. humongously bigger then UTAR PJ . . . ALOT. . hahaha.. with it's river's and tree's 0.0 damn. . why am i in a so "lousy" university? aikz. . After that, we continued the journey on foot, from the MATEMATIK falculty, to the ern.. xD don really remember. . quite many . . keke..AnyWays, Jackie was always complaining that he say many PINK people LOL.. quite many though. . After walking here and there and exhausted... END OF STORY =P



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Suddenly you hv two updated stories recently, I suspect that you are quite free, one thing we hv left out yesterday is to take a group photos,...wat's a waste, I am still regretting now...because you all are charm...

Btw, nice talking with you and listen to your previous stories...stay cool and smart for the gals, haha

PS: Don't "gang" with them so much, afterthat your english will become bad, hahahahaha, just joking, my english is bad too...

Hahaha xD yeap~ what a waste. . as "senior citizen" you should have requested it =P just kidding. . .

Anyways, quite true >< my english really has "dis-improve" a lot.. LoLz but my mandrin improve

hey, go UM didn't invite me also.. aiks -_-!!!

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