Ampang Lookout Point Birthday

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17th Nov ( my bday is on 16th )

Took too long for me to update this post~ It's like DECEMBER now? @_@ time fliess~ Anyways the below are the event where my 3rd 21st birthday celebration is. I went to Lookout Point together with my course mates and my church mates. O boy, i remember my stomach was growling then~ 9pm is it? and the food is not yet ordered xD. Anyways~ thx guys and girls~ am really happy that you all could make it to celebrate my b'day together with me. Had fun cam whoring wahahahahahah~

Blowing cakes and song singing~ xP my favorite flavor it is~ ChocoBanana

Cake blowing n wishing ^__^

After blowing the cake, i was made to BITE the candle out of the cake xP. Ah seng n jackie did too~ but~ haha didn't get jackie's pic.

CYC guys are not just cool, they are CUTE too xP


UTAR CN 2009 in LOOKOUT point

Group Pic with Yuen Wei(CRoNus) as the photographer~ xP waaa seng~ need to pose till so cool or not?

Group Pic of CN Guys: bottom lane: Man Boon, Gaven, Niv Lee, Sue Seng
top lane: Ron zai, Khang, Jackie, Zhi Wei, Me, Steven

Random Pics~ Haha did u notice that emily's pose are all the same? xP

Khar Yee~ xP don electric Gin Min and Kenneth la (jk)
2 leng zai~ Kenneth and Jackie + Datuk Foo and mE
2 leng lui with leng zai~ Camin Ang + ^_^ + Jzmin Ang

Top left: Again the beauty and the handsome
Top Right: Took it on the highest tower of LookOut Point?
Bottom left: xP nice shot!
Bottom Right: Jackie and Kok Tim man to man pose

KENNETH:  xP can be modal liao~ look at how he pose with the TOBASCO

Me together with 2 beauties~ Camin in purple, Hui En in white xP

The tobasco play xP look at KOK TIM~ good act~ again, if you notice the 2 girls on the top left and right, they have the same post~ CYC post xD

 i love BOMBAY saphire~ the BLUE drink xP o man~ it taste so good with SPRITE~ wasted we didnt have lime gin that nite :S  by the way bombay saphire is a type of dry liqour

The brothers n sister xD

The BROthers~ haha SENG in black, Me, n Jackie in WHITE^^ xP shao ying the maiden in disguise

Hehe i love the pics here, top pic =D filled with smiles, middle cheers, bottom nice angle hui en^^

There you go~ xP CHEESE, tengok mana? I know you're attracted to CAMIN xD

=D Shao Ying~ our shirts same color leh~ Cheese Nice body posing~
Yih Khang n Me on bottom~

UTAR guys~ fuiyoh SENG so yeng~

xP which of the 3 mini pics is the price winner of the pic?
The prize goes to........LEE SUE SENG xD

Single COOL poses~ >D is my pose sexy?

Group Pic of UTAR guys

Thanks to all my friends that night, really happy that you all could make it that night, it was my first time celebrating my birthday at LookOut point^^ love you all~


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Wei ivan, tat 1 is my gor gin min leh...not yu lai leh...yu lai at the other side la...aiyo...=.=" so so be - lated birthday post nia :)

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