Year End Exam

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27th December,

It's been Christmas Celebration for the past 4 days. The day where joyful faces appears in the faces of little children, youths, and families.

  • 24th : Caroling with group Araunah
  • 25th : A Beautiful Christmas ( Best Sketch I ever seen ) - the message was strong!! 
  • 26th : Celebrating the belated Christmas in FGA-CYC~ another good sketch, though i don really understand the whole story due to *language problem*.

After the celebration of the year, the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas, the sword's awards were given to the youth in Petra Gospel Center. It was a day to awards student who excel in the discipleship class in PeTra. On the same day, I got back my test result, my very first christian exam~~ @_@ woo~ really first time.

Thank God i pass the exam. As you can see, though I didn't score very well but, hey ^^ at least I pass the exam right? Was kind of glad. I kinda enjoy the class with Vincent ( my teacher ) as he always comes out with mind bobbling questions which would challenge my thoughts. Thanks Vincent!!^_^

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