Kingdom Hearts 385 2 Days on NO$GBA

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YES!! Finally am able to play Kingdom Hearts 385/2 days on my PC    BWHAAHAHAHA am so excited, since i'm like finding a way on how to play for like the whole day? =S am i noob? anyways~ Here's how to play


First of all download the NO$GBA from their official website, or go to this link, which may leads you to the emulator . After having the emulator, then go and download the ROM image of KINGDOM HEARTS 385/2 DAYS, where you can search from the web.

Ok, now, without tweaking it, i believe many have either a blank screen after loading the difficulty level. Now, here is how to fix it:

  1. Find the NO$GBA.INP file in your folder, this file normally appears after you've started the no$gba.exe for the first time.
  2. After that, rename NO$GBA.INP to firmware.BIN. 
  3. ^__^ Cheers you're ready to play KINGDOM HEARTS

Comments (6)

apa ni T_T

how do i kno dis works

It works for me >D

MAI GOD. it works, i luv you .3.

ty so much now I can finally play it :D

ya no booooooooooooooono wrk find me new way

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