Birthday at Tenji with family

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Nov 16

Today i've reach the age where all young lads and teenagers dreams to be. The age of 21 where one gets the GOLDEN KEY as said by the folks in the Chinese culture. Like all 21 happy go lucky folks, i celebrated my bday with my family at TENJI SOLARIS.

So lucky i am to have one of my favourite foods on my B'day, a JAPANESE BUFFET. I loved Japanese food since young, for some reason and each time i pass by the supermarket with my parent, i'm sure to ask them to get me the californian roll and the salmon sushi~ xP that was when i was a kid.

Anyways below are some of the photo shot taken at TENJI.

My Birthday Cake which was given by TENJI keke~ xP want some?

Countless plates of COD fish i've taken xP no matter how many times i've taken them they still taste great

 Raw crab, fish, shell fishes~ ^^ not my favourite

Hagen-Daz ice cream with milk coating and sweetstick xD I LOVE THIS PLATE of food

Salmon head xP my dad's favourite

FRESH OYSTER =P mum's favourite

I wonder how many plates have i taken >D

Soups of the day, 1o super strong good for body herb soup, GinSeng with suPER STRonG bLack chicken and finally SUPERB all in 1 bat bou tong xP if i didnt remmeber them wrongly

Can you see the composition =) not bad right?

Free Flow oF CarlSberg throughout the niTe >)

 Hallway to our table

Took pic with my little bro(Bryan) outside at Solaris

Me posing with my dad xD


xP camwhore~ guess i just like to take pictures

xP the busy cook preparing our meal

My mum's good fren, mummy, me and Bryan

DaD's turn xP keke

Look at my mum xP think she can't wait for the cake

xP Bryan do not know how to post

 Family Photo with the Birthday Boy  >)

Take 2

K810i rocks with me xP

2 cool dudes

Dad's turn with me~ hehe

Mum's Turn ^^

Boku wa nihonjin janai xD

Look at the Queue so many people :S


Bryan with the SLR xP

Had a great dinner that nite =) am really happy that my dad and mum brought me this place for celebration. Thx papa and mummy ^^ love you both. Happy 21st Birthday


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wow... no bad what... ^-^
i tot ur "Phone" can took those nice picture...
wakaka xD scary me ler...
suddenly got nice skill...

at last i only know that your brother got a DSL...
haha xD love love ur picture oh...
good... ^-^

xP haha wat~ some of the pics also use my phone take de la~
Just edit a bit nia~ keke~

thx thx

Nice description of birthday party.

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