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Was browsing throughout the the net and i found something really cool and interesting. =D the crack for windows 7 the new OS of windows. Quite a sad case actually for windows and thumbs up for crackers xP

Anyways there is this rumor that windows 7 take up more power then XP, According to Ou, "What I have found is that Windows 7 battery life is (very slightly) better than Windows Vista. However, it's not quite as good as Windows XP, because it runs more optimizations in the background and it displays more intensive graphics on the desktop such as Aero." He suggested disabling these extra features for a more "apples-to-apples comparison."

Windows 7 Activation crack utility by a hacker named Hazar. Now, there is an alternate Windows 7 crack tool called “Chew-WGA“.


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Chew-WGA designed to test security resistance for softwares built into Windows 6.1x OS.
Function :
Restrain certain components of software protection platform.

Makes the system to return to the activated status and the System Properties will contain a message saying Windows is activated.

*Chew-WGA or RemoveWAT should never be executed on a system intended for continual use

*Only to extend the evaluation period to avoid re-installation. I

It is ENCOURANGED for users to buy original Windows 7 OS. Be safe. Buy genuine Windows from Microsoft in case you need a license.
The post is for informational purpose only. No link has been provided to the crack tools.

The link : hxxp://  might be useful ^^

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