Pre-Encountering GOD

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NOV 26th  11:30p.m.

It's so hard to update my blog these days~ i still have 5 more post which are not posted up yet and it's soon going to be outdated~ Hopefully when i'm back from this camp i'll be able to update it~

The bus for the camp is going to leave CYC about 1p.m. think? xP hope i can make it in time there~ here I am still blogging about the camp. Here's what I hope I'll be able to receive from the camp. Just 1 wish, to be able to listen to GOD's voice in any means. Yeah, he answered some of my prayers on the day at Tropicana but yet, am I ignorant and still not listening? It's stated that, they maybe hearing but not listening, and they maybe seeing but not perceiving. Hope I'm not spiritually blinded by the context where I am in, but heading towards the truth.

Below, UPCOMING POST,^_^   guess most of you know what is it about already,  xP look forward to it


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enjoy urself :P
when back a lot work waiting for you

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