Summary of January 2010

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31st Jan,

Time really passes fast, just in a blink, it already is the last day of the month. Many times, I asked when I was young, when only can I reach adulthood and transform into one of them? but now, time seems to pass way fast for me, and i sometimes wish that time could just freeze for a moment or day, so I could rest. 

As I grow, I realize that, many things in our lives, just comes and pass, once the opportunity has come, and it is not grasp, it would be gone forever. Everything has its perfect timing, be it good or bad, it all comes at the time where it is suppose to. Simple illustration can be that off a fruit, a mango fruit if picked to early, it would be sour, if too late, it would be over ripe and spoils. It has to be picked at the right time to enjoy the fruitiness and sweetness of it. So goes for the cooking, by applying the correct ingredients and timing, only then the outcome of it is a mouth watering dish. The same things goes for life, whether it is work, jobs, relationship, and many others, if the opportunity is there and not grasp, there it goes. How much opportunities have a forsaken? How much time have I wasted? I've missed many opportunities, especially in relations.

However in life, God has a plan for everyone, and the plan is always revealed at the right time, and for us to realize the purpose of the trials given to us. Many times did I missed God's plans for me. I'm always blinded by the world, and not seeing his purposes, too often easy swaying away. But as I go through more and more, I begin to realize and am able to pass the trials. I've also realized that possession or things created by man, are not really significant, as what can be built by man, can be tear down by man, and rebuilt again. The process of building and destroying is an on going cycle. However what is created by God, is everlasting, till the time comes, where he calls it back again.  


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