Why I Like It Longer

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In life, things happen like the an unending wave, sometimes high, sometimes low, often unpredictable. There are times, where sudden occasion which can make you so happy, that you can jump sky high, but yet again, some occasions make you sink deep. LIFE itself is a LONG journey, where one continually seeks for improvement and acceptance. Have you not think how much you can achieve within that LONG journey?

Friends also do come in many shapes and sizes, big, small, thin, chubby, tall, short and LONG? Some of them are more friendly, talkative, and jovial, while others might be quite, shy, unsociable? But in the end of the day, it's the friend which you can share your life with, your thoughts, your happiness, your joy which makes both of you have a LONG lasting relationship where both of you really are true OLD LONG FRIENDs.

The same goes for love, LOVE itself is so LONG that it's so complex to describe, where it is patient, it is kind, it is forgiving, it does not envy nor hate. When you love someone, and truly love someone, the love goes a LONG way, deep into the heart where it is engraved in, no matter what you'll want that person to be beside you. You will LONG for the person or things you love for LOVE is long lasting.

Back to our world, in our modern life, where we live our lives, days are always short, and workloads, to do list, wish list, prayer list, shopping list, and all others are often too long for us to handle. But HOLD ON, there is hope to it, where we can manage it all with the "LG Chocolate phone (BL40)". No matter our life, how complicated it is, no matter we're in the ups or in the downs, no matter how hard to maintain true friendship, no matter how much it takes to live our love to another, it call comes to this statement:

Why I Like It Longer

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fuyoh.. u join nuffnang contest wor T_T

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