Investiture 2010 - Araunah

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 23 Jan 2010

It was the day, where all the commanders, deputies, committee, and members of Petra Youth, take their pledge towards God about what they will and promise to do for the year. The theme for this year is "NO QUARTERS!" Where we shall all go all out, without refraining ourselves. Each group, starting from group AIJALON, group JORDAN, group SHECHEM and group ARAUNAH, each give their pledge in front of everyone. Once, the pledge was over, we headed up to our own rooms to play some games and then we head for our dinner.

The picture above, you see is actually group ARAUNAH's commander, LEE WEN CHEONG, who's frantically pose for the picture before turning into his formal wear.

While waiting, shot some pictures of SOK MUN =p the "SUPER STAR". Due to some technical information and mis-communication.. there goes the wearing attire for the day ( p.s. black attire was actually for the guys)

Below are the two handsome young man in group ARAUNAH, zhe kit and wei quan, where they both "WON" in the game of the "death chair". They both look so CUTE in bow tie. xD.

The Brother and sister - EMILIA & DERICK  - They both looks so close to each other =) that is so sweet

Not long after that, while were waiting for the food to come, a little game of cards were played. starting with the normal "4 PLAYER GAME". Once the food arrived for most of our members, Jen Ryu and I continued with the game of 21, where the betting is on the number of glasses of water. Whoever loses, drinks the amount of cups bet.  Jen Ryu do not have the luck on that day, where he kept losing to me. After that the game slowly expand from 2 players to 4, where the new players are Wei Quen and Sok Mun. I went for my dinner after that, and the game slowly evolved and evolved till THE GAME OF DARE.

The game goes like this, the person with the highest value, is the loser, where he or she will have to do the "DARE".  The first dare victim goes to EMILIA, and below is the video of it:

Wondering who's evil laughter was that? xD EMILIA accompanied by ABIGAIL talked to someone they do not know at all~ great job EMILIA!

Soon after that, both Jen Ryu and Derrick become the victim of dare where they got to pose with the waiters with the ARAUNAH pose.

After that, was Abigails turn, where she was suppose to drink a glass of water bottoms-up. seems, she laughs too easily and it takes so long to finish just a cup of water -____-

Not too far behind, was then my turn to be the victim of dare where I was suppose to ask one of the waiter to write "LOVE to....VICTIM's NAME" and with the signature.... =.= o man~ its so gay~ the waiter is a guy~

The next victim, is our very own WEI QUEN!! Where he gave his first kiss to our LEE WEN CHEONG ^_^  LooK at the expressions!!

Not to miss out too~ our Sok Mun, gives her kiss to HOOI LING~ xP Look at how shocked HOOI LING was!!

Finally the greatest dare, received by again, LEE WEN CHEONG, SHOUTING..
"I LOVE MALAYSIA!!"  out loud facing towards the people in OLD TOWN xD
This act did certainly got their attention.

After Investure, when out with Jen Ryu, Wen Cheong, and Sok Mun to shoot some basketballs~ but ended up playing instead  -_____- i do not know to play~~  Anyways ^_^ the pledge to be kept by me are as follows:


The Members' Pledge

In the presence of God and these His people, in Petra Gospel Centre,
I, as a member of Group Araunah
Here solemnly acknowledge my role as a member,
To have a strong desire to become better,
Better as a person as I grow,
Better in mind and in thoughts,
Better in speech and in character,
Better in body and in spirit,
Better in fellowship with others and my leaders,
For the Glory of God,
For the good of others,
For the joy of my Christian walk with Christ, my Saviour.

Therefore, I will learn to respect those who work hard in my group,
To know them, love them, obey them, care for them,
And pray for them,
Then, everyone may be glad that I am a member of this group
And give glory to God, my Father in heaven.


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