KFC Chocolate Cake

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17th Mac

Wen Cheong, Man Boon, Pan Fong and I went to KFC PJ ss14 on the 17th of MAC in search for out favourite cheese wedges~ Below is the story of the day:

As we entered to the order out food, we were discussing on what to get, whether to get the jom jimat thingy or the special cheese wedges forgotten what it name was. Wen Cheong then ordered the special cheese wedges and =.= to vain~ not selling there, IF IN THE FIRST PLACE NOT SELLING, DONT DISPLAY LA~ AIYO~

Then later after that, we all finally decided to try the JOM JIMIT thingy~ since it's suppose to be the best catch right?

The chocolate cake caught my eyes as i love to eat the Chocolate Brownie of Secret Recipe's , and it turn out as below :

From the display at the counter, the CHOCOLATE CAKE looks quite TEMPTING . .
and staright after i got the real thing ~ then only i remember this phrase


The actual look of the CHOCOLATE CAKE is actually this :

Looks Quite Big right?

Comparing the chocolate cake and the plate

HUA~ SO SO SMALL LEH~ if i didnt ask for extra chocolate topping~ sure not nice jor lo that cake, although the cake taste a bit better the normal sponge chocolate cake, i was expecting something better~ and the vanila ice cream~ ern~ wasn't up to my standard.

I would rather have this

Chocolate brownie from secret receipe

You might be saying, sure la the price also nicer~ but, hey, the quality and the price makes it worth, the satisfaction is there, but for KFC, plus tax and stuff~ its just a bit more expensive if compared to KFC chocolate ice cream~ and, i saw the cake was actually taken out from a plastic wrapper =.= APOLLO layer cake meh? so cheap~

ALL in all, i give a 5/10 for the chocolate cake there~ aint good~

However, this remains great at KFC =p
love the cheese plus wedges, cheesy wedges yummy


Comments (11)

i hate u..

yer~ i hate u tooo~~

so small..


yam gong lo...
come let's go for secret recipe..

seriously very "BIG" lorhh
they're trying to "jimat" also marhhh XD

Jackie & Fee MING : aikz~ yor y hate me?

Hui HUi : en la~ hehe don go eat~ aikz

LeaF : JoM =p opposite my house that 1~ i still remember study ing there lol

CynThia : haha xD but i go secret recipe more "jimat" lo


they should use the small plate.

cz u ate my choc cake n cheezy wedges..
hate u~~

HUi Hui -> u go recommend to them la next time u go KFC hehe~

Fee Ming -> aiya~ next time bring u go out eat lor~~

danu -> ^^ thx mate

reali onot ga?
dun bluff me o..
if not, i cry in front of u ga..

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