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30 Mac 2009

Easter at UTAR Sg. Long rocks~~ Why isn't there an event like this in UTAR PJ~~ aikz >.< anyways~

What i feel about the event?
ROCKs, the presentation that nite was really great, the drama the skit, the praise and worship songs~ WOW~ I really loved the songs that the sing, my FAVs in factx~ same taste =p youth song. Not to miss, at the beginning of the event, was this game, where the MC poses a pose, and then three audience was asked to go up on stage~ then, It's like playing the chinese whisper, just that this time, the whisper is turned into action. One of the action was actually this "SPIDERMAN riding on a motorcycle eating HAMBURGER" @__@ woot~~

How about the praise and worship??
Like I said in the beginning, the songs really was my favourites, Still, Mighty to Save, One Way, hehe and many more~ cool youth songs~ xD similar to the ones in the PASSION CONFRENCE. However, the chinese parts was~~ i don understand it >< aikZ
Shereen was on stage as well as the back up singer =p can see her spirit was there ~ though she keep claiming she wasn't really expressing there~ hehe SHEREEN, u did a really great job you know.

Then what about the sermon??
The sermon was a funny yet meaningful one~ The young pastor was actually sharing his testimony on who he was before he became a christian, his "naughtiness" how he used to "lan zai"(being a naugty) drugs and stuff. Along the way he manage to pull the stunt, with making fun of the words cantonese that is =p

I remembered the part he gave the universal unanswerable question :

As most of us say, If the chicken comes first, where does it comes from? If the egg comes first, who laid the egg? After talking many points of to prove his statement, I remember he say that, the reason we cannot get the answer is because we limit our thought just focusing on the two characters. Have you ever thought, If only the hen exist, will the egg actually hatch? well, definately not. The egg requires the Cock to fertilze the egg, only then can it hatch to be a chick. Like said in the bible :

24 And God said, "Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: livestock, creatures that move along the ground, and wild animals, each according to its kind." And it was so. 25 God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.

Genesis 1:24-25

Therefore, God first created the hen and the cock, else the KFC, KennyRoggers, Ramli Chicken burger that we were eating now won't exist xD in other words CHICKEN COMES FIRST. Hope the meaning here is known.

After that, he tells the 3 miracles of the chicken egg :

1) Why is the egg oval but not round?
Turtle eggs are round, Fish eggs are round, but why chicken egg is oval? The hen often lays on its eggs to hetch them. If the egg is round, once the hen stands up the egg would surely row far far away from the nest, and no way can the hen stop all the eggs from rolling out and stop them all. But however the eggs are oval, which makes them rolling in circles allowing the egg only moving in the radius of the nest.

2) The shell of the egg is not too hard nor soft
If the egg shell is too hard, the chick wouldn't hatch and it would cause the chick to sufficate and die. On the other hand, if the shell was too soft, the hen that lay on it will definately crack the shell.

3) Air can go in the egg however water can't
If the water can go into the egg, the unborn chick would definately be drowned inside the egg, however, without air, the unborn chick would sufficate ass well.

What he was trying to imply here was that, it was all created by an intelligent creator, who create things exactly as they are and for its purpose.

This was a question asked by the pastor to the college student while they are at the train debating :

Student : It's impossible that Jesus Christ died and rose again. It's impossible logically

Pastor : Yeah it's impossible, but not exactly impossible.

(Then the pastor asked...)

Pastor : Can you make a pen stand still on this table?

Student : Of cause not, the train is moving sure it's impossible

Pastor : Come, give me the pen, i'll show you that it's possible

The student then pass the pen to the pastor. The pastor then takes the pen and grab it with his fist, putting it vertically on the table.

Pastor : There, saw that? it's possible.

Student : Hey,no fair, your're holding it with your hands

Pastor : Doesn't the impossible seems possible now? The same goes for the reseruction of Jesus Christ. Yeah, it's impossible that he died and manage to rose again, However with GOD's hand~ It'S possible ^^

What moments were enjoyed??
Well, the whole thing, especially meeting up with my old frens SHEREEN^^ she's a great girl, then meet back with my long lost "sis", didnt meet her for almost 2 years wow and guess what, JEN~~ i actually met here there~ how cool this is~

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