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28 Mac 2009

What a day it was, a day filled with intense emotions of excitement, nervousness, anxiety, tired, stressed out, annoyed, happy, shocked, alert and I think there should be more, cant remember them all. Team UTAR left the campus at 7.45 towards UniKL for the Netriders cisco competition. 5 teams when in, with 2 groups senior and the rest of us, the newbies. We got started with breakfast which was a really "no choice" only taken food, and got the started packet with CISCO shirts and tags inside. Worst thing is my name was SPELT WRONG.

The road to seek improvement

3 MenInBlack(MIB) in my team

The day started with breifing, where all the teams gathered at the conference hall, and a briefing session was given about the CISCO netriders competition as well as the opening ceremony. There was about 40 teams there if i'm not mistaken, couldn't really remember as well. So I was assigned with a orange label and head on to the theory exam where the CISCO competition begin. I started the system, and everything when well until suddenly an technical error, the image was missing from the question. I was then told by the invigilator to refresh, but, after i press refreshing =.= the whole page shows : PAGE CANNOT BE FOUND and i was like @.@ woot~~ then i ask the invigilator, then he say~ hold on patients, i'm asking some one for technical support. GOodness, time play an important role here you know ~~ aikZ

FInally FiniSh the theory exam T.T did'nt manage to get what i wished for, but at least, thats the points i think we deserve as we only completed 2 modules of the CCNA instead of 4 which was part of the competition requirement. i got

Grade : 77.5 /114

Wasn't really happy about it, gaven got a mark higher then i am, which was the highest for out UTAR newbie team. Soon later after having lunch, we continued to the packet tracer competition as the newbies weren't able to be shortlisted in the finals, however by grace, our seniors, both team manage to get into the finals. Started the network simulator through packet tracer, and later did i know, i started the question wrongly =. - once again techniqal error~ what a day~ Couldn't complete the test, only manage to reach 88% bad bad bad~

Cam whoring during the lunch and break time in between sessions

After that, we had a speech presentation while waiting for the finalist to complete their competition. Speeches after speeches were given, however they were all constructives ones. In between the speeches which was the given by HP, there was a gift giving session with 3 bags out as free gifts. One question asked, one question answered correctly, 1 bag given.
I was indeed stunned and not sure of the few questions until finally i got my vry own lucky question coming with answers chance xD BLESSED by GOD with a BAG. Soon not long after that, was another lucky draw session. I was actually kidding with Gaven that i want to win that as well , and to my luck another blessing =p got it...

Soon after all the speeches are given, prizes are then announced, and once again MMU won the title. All in all as for the experience that i gained from this competition, it gives me the inpiration and push that i really have to improve many much more, really left behind when compared to the best just in Malaysia, what about the pacific region? How far am I behind?

As said just now~! even CISCO organanized events has error

Got the CISCO water container with the HP photoframe(from interview)

My Lucky Gifts'

HOPE to be the winning team next year and hope next year the title of this topic would be winning the netrider cisco competition ^^


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Hi! I am glad you've had a wonderful experience at the event despite the glitches and problems. One of the objectives of the event is to provide the participants with the exposures of pitting their skills among their peers. I love your positive attitude in striving to do better next year. All the best to you!

Mohd Norzi Ibrahim
Area Academy Manager
Cisco Networking Academy

hey thx yeah mohd norzi ibrahim~ really happy that you could find my blog. thx for the encouragement

hey that's the good one........
i Also attended cisco netriders ...........
in Banglore(INDIA)

wow me and my friend did this representing east canada after the depressing 60% something score from the first exam. then competed in the theatre final in canada-usa 2010 getting. how come we didn't get anything like u guys did

Guess, every country has their own competition style ;)

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