2 Days of Unusuality

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24rd Mac 2009

Early in the morning:
Sky Condition : Clear
Time : 7.00
Possibility of rain : NULL

As I was approaching to school, it's just like any normal day, crowded people, noise pollution, dirty streets, uncivilized people everywhere pushing around, well, those are the normal events. The turn of event starts here, when the sky, seems awfully grey, when i reach UNIVERSITI station, with the sign of thunderstorm. I was thinking in my mind, crap~ it's going to rain soon~ As the train approaches closer and closer to Asia Jaya station, it's already raining cats and dogs~ =.= my GooDness, what a good start of a day~ aikZ

As i got down from the train was planning to use the newspaper to shed myself, once i get off the bus station and run quickly towards school. But, before that, have to wait in a long queue for the bus to come, and the wind was so strong, i was actually being drizzled little by little, under the shade . NOT GOOD~~ soon later, got in the bus, rain was falling down like mad, reach the station, then~ "IVAN~~!!!!!!!" was what i heard, then i saw my fren, WEN CHEONG, who was in the same bus with me, but i didnt realise he was in == aikz
My LUCKY day, thought GOD bless me with an unbrella, since Wen Cheong was there, but =.= in the end, when i reach the class,


My SOCKs and SHOEs ~ really can't wear d lor~ squeeze also got water out

Can't Concentrate alread lo~ need to try pants =.=

Couldn't pay attenttion in class at all~ was busy drying my shoes and socks xD

25Mac 2009



It was killing spree for our lecturer, the test was so difficult for me as i cant memorise pure facts just like that, without logic or sequence. RED day it is, not of the red of blood from the killing spree but of red of unity~ Soon after the exam, CLASS PHOTO was taken :

Can see where i am?

Soon after that, was playing pushing with one of our biggest size MAN in our class, and Khang as well. The momentom game started when Khang pushed me then i bounce towards Man Boon and bang , the impact transfered to the wall~ and HUALA~ the AIRCON fell off the feeling @-@ and I was wow~ who did that?

Didnt know the infrastructor was this soft xD


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i love red freaking much..
ur position - 2nd row from below & 2nd stupid fella from left who d onli 1 was carrying his beloved bag..
rajin betul budak ni..

hua~ need or not >< stupid fellow some more~ opss~ am really de one with the only back xD

exactly u r..

=P cheh~ someone's memory also good what? so she is also lor? hor?

cant get ur mean o..

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