chong cao jit fai lok xP

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This mooncake festivals i celebrated this year is kind of different. HM~ @_@ i'm surrounded with MANDRIN speaking people~ lucky i can understand them~ or else GG d~ aikz. Haha thx for the "mandrin training" from UTAR also JOO xD if not~ i sure like stupid at there.~ Anyways kind of new environment @_@ something new for new life~


FULL MOON - FULL LIFE, live life to the fullest
NON FULL MOON - Live life in misery, not complete not full

Is your life of the full moon or the non full one?

SHEN - means GOD in mandrin, SHEN QI - miracle in mandrin

with GOD come miracle.

Know Data

Destiny: Is something we are born with, and are destined to do.

Fate: Is something which we are given the choice along destiny to choose the choice of our path.

Destiny is what we can't change, like born as a princess, but fate is what we can change, a good or bad princess.

The reason i fail, is because i leave GOD out far too long~ now on i will try to call Him back, depend more on him leave a SPIRITUAL life~ and pray for the miracle
for her to come back :)

Hehe~ it's a new life, new way, new story~ :P hope i got what it takes to chase her again~ new story - Nothing is going to change my love for you


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