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Today was the last day of CCNA "training" as well as the last day for "SUSHI" promo. The right thing to do of cause is xD eat~!!! After class the 4 of us, MAnBooN, WenCheong, PanFong and I, when to SUNWAY to feast our selves~ and =p applied the SUSHI KING card~ what a good marketing strategy~

Thats about it for today~ :S i got 5 days to finish the bloody assessments and then the FINAL exam~ o man~ however A GOOD NEWS ARRIVE TODAY :P the first for W-2309

Had a dream, a dream which goes like this:

An angel arrive in the dream and asks, you have to choose between you and your wife that one of you have to leave this world, which do you choose?

Then came the answer, I love her so much, that I'm willing to die for her, I wish she could find one other which can love her as much as I do...


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siok la u.... can eat sushi, my favourite ler,
no invite me go, blek...
but i cant go, working ah... hate it

actually she will feel more painful while watching u dead ~.~

Ron: THX for helped her to answer it =)

u purposely post it de IZZIT? so SAD

May yen : haha :P u also knw say working lor~ no find jackie go eat eat meh?

Ron : ern maybe ^^ but she doesnt know i met the angel ma~ so as long shes happy im willing to do any~

Joo : xD lu mao pinjam wa punya card?

no more ady... still borrow mw 4 wat? >< but i rmb sum1 said belanja me wor,haha XD

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