Greater Love

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When for a sermon today, after some very long time since i join an English service. The service over here is conducted quite differently compared to other churches i when before, its like members of the church, they contribute and share in the worship which i felt, woo~ almost everyone is contributing to the service.

Among one of the major topics discuss is HOW GREAT IS YOUR LOVE. Can love be measured? Can you measure your love towards someone by weight? height? degree? At times what love is? I really am confuse with love, but i really know i love God. Then comes up another stop point, how much do you love God? yeah GOD knows that i love him but, how much?

Do you love eating SUSHI? Do you love playing with your video games, gadgets or toys? Do you love your pets? Do you love your KIDs? I am sure, no matter how much parents love food, clothings, outings, they surely love you more then anything. Well, you may say, yeah I love GOD , but do you love GOD just as much as you love your pets? Or do you place him about all else, the greatest love. Men are willing to sacrifice for their family or close friends, but Jesus is willing to sacrifice his life for his enemies. What love can compare to that?

The sermon i've when through today give me an new insight of LOVE, as what love is. Is it just a merely saying it to someone you love, or demonstrating it, or self wanting desire? How much do you love your love partners? how much do you love your friends? how much do you love the luxury of life? All that i do not know, but i do know that Jesus love us more than anything else in the world, His great love~


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