GoodBye Rocky

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The nite was once again raining, the same with the time my grandma passed away. I always had this thought in my mind, everytime there's a heavy rain, its a symbol of someones love has passed away, gone, the sky is crying~ Actually the nite ended out happy celebrating birthday with jia xing~ however when on the way home, the heavy rain started pouring out of sudden, as i walk back the rain got heavier. So decided to wait awhile and dash back home under the rain. Not long after that my mum told me, RoCKY has gone ^^

ROCKY was my very first dog, haha quite a spoilt brat who will bite the hands of its owner~ quite a stupid dog but =) he is a fun dog. Hm~ bathing him, feeding him, bringing him on bed... those were the days till we've to give him away as theres always a fight with LEO. But now.. GOODBYE ROCKY =) you've served your masters well..


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